“Born Anne Wotherspoon, eldest daughter of Eugene and Yvette Brodeur. I grew up in Summerstown along the waterfront. I started painting at the age of sixteen with oils. Had my first solo showing at the age of seventeen, where I met another local Artist. We spent a great deal of time conversing. He gave me a couple pieces of advice. “A true Artist can’t be taught, but is born.” He told me to develop my own style and technique, that an Artist paints from the heart and soul, and doesn’t just copy what they see.

At eighteen, I hung up the brushes to enter the work world. Working in a Chronic Care Facility in Cornwall. Here I met my husband Roy Wotherspoon, who also worked at the same facility. We married in 1988 and shortly thereafter began our family. With my third child on the way, I decided to become a full-time mother. Once the kids were all in school I decided to go to college and get my Veterinary Assistant diploma, I graduated in 1999. My student job placement program, an Equestrian Center in Glenwalter, hired me on as Barn Manager after graduation, you might say I went from the frying pan into the fire with this job. I went from being mistreated by the elderly, to being kicked, bitten, thrown and dragged by eighteen hundred plus pounds of pure muscle, but I loved my job. In 2010, due to severe vision loss, I was no longer able to work outside the home, so I decided to pick up the brushes once again, this time painting in acrylics. I don’t get to paint as much as I’d like, but I still do what I can.”