“Betty Anne, originally from Montreal, moved to Cornwall in 2014. An art course in high school awakened her interest in the arts. An avid visitor to art galleries, she dreamed that “one day” she would develop the skills to paint well and be an artist.
A chance meeting with a watercolourist from Focus Art, in Cornwall in 2006, rekindled her dream. She started to paint initially in watercolour, then oils, taking coaching classes. Recently she has been “experimenting” with melted crayons and painting with a hot iron (a form of encaustic painting). A recent art course with acrylic paints has expanded her repertoire of painting mediums. Betty Anne loves the outdoors. Her art reflects her love of nature especially birds, flowers, trees and seascapes. She enjoys the challenge of artistically, bringing her subjects to life. A Focus Art Member since 2014, her art has been shown in four juried shows. Her watercolour, oil and encaustic, and acrylic works was on display at Apples and Arts, Cornwall, September 2018, at Aultsville Theatre.”