“Betty Healey has been drawing, designing and painting since her earliest memory. During her teens and twenties, she studied with a number of teachers and mentors, focusing her learning on pen and ink, oil pastels and oils. More recently she has shifted to acrylics and prefers to work with canvases that are textured with tissue paper. The preparation of the canvases, and the intentions set during the process, are an important part of the final product.

Betty refers to her creations as Earth Energy Art which features paintings intuitively inspired and designed to create a deep connection to the spiritual energy of Mother Earth and the Universe.

Born in Nova Scotia and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, Betty has travelled Canada extensively. She has lived in the Niagara Peninsula, Edmonton, Alberta and Montreal, Quebec. She currently resides in North Lancaster, ON. with her husband and feline family.”


Betty Healey- Quasar – Acrylic on Cancas

Healey IMG_1140

Healey IMG_1163

Healey IMG_1211