“When I look back over the body of work I have produced during the last thirty-three years, I see that I have not strayed very far from the subject matter of people, places and things. Except for a brief period when I attempted to be more abstract by painting broken pieces of ceramic and torn paper, I have remained steadfast in my figurative approach to painting.

I am describing or attempting to describe the life and surfaces around us. I am a figurative and narrative painter and accustomed to representing the world from the usual perspective. But now I have become more interested in a seeing-things-from- above approach that continues to evolve. Toward that end I have arranged objects and painted them from the same perspective in which we view the ordinary implements of our everyday lives.

By doing so, I challenge the assumption that everyday things don’t deserve respect as sources of beauty. I like to play with trompe l’oeil, layering, and intersecting planes. I want to stretch the boundaries of representational painting and cause the viewer to take a second look.”

Une Passoire, 24 x 24″, oil on wood

Brenda Kennedy_oil on canvas_Red Hot Bed Warmer

Hot chocolate (Mexico 2017), 12 x 12 x 1.5 in., oil on wood

Erin, 14 x 18 in., oil on Canvas