“I work in coloured pencil, watercolours and acrylics.

For my CP paintings I look for subjects that have lots of details and a multitude of different colours. I take close-up photos to see what the average viewer, in his haste, doesn’t notice. Coloured pencil paintings take many hours to complete because of the technique of layering colours.  My ‘Havana’ painting has just recently been published in Ann Kullberg’s “CP Hidden Treasures 5”  book for coloured pencil – 2019.  For outdoor scenes I switch to watercolours. I love the loose, vibrant colours that can be achieved with just a few brush strokes Acrylics are my best medium for birds and flowers. They allow me to do layer upon layer of wet-on-wet blending to get the depth of colour that I am looking for in the feathers and petals.

Come for a visit and see for yourself how each of these mediums bring something of their own to my work.”

Showing at the Cornwall Public Library



Brenda Levert-Teddies-Coloured Pencil

Brenda Levert-Swamp-Watercolour

Brenda Levert-Pine Grosbeak-Acrylic on Canvas

levert Version 2