“Clay responds to every touch and can be transformed into almost anything; your imagination is your limitation. Clay has taken me down many roads.

My work is mainly wheel thrown with hand built additions elegantly combined to provide each piece with balance, form and, if needed, function.

The journey of clay as it passes through heat and fire is my focus , the final process and exploring the special relationship between clay, glaze and fire. Each piece goes through a very unique process resulting in unique outcomes. The soft hues of low temperature smoke fire, lustre’s of Raku, midrange temperature with some dependably of electric fire and the final journey, of returning clay back to stone with a high fire, wood burning kiln, allowing the flame and ash to transform the clay and glaze. Each piece is made with the final result in mind, the clay used and the glazes applied are all temperature specific to the method of firing, for most of the pieces the actual fire transforms the surface, only the pieces fired in the electric kiln uses heat for transformation.”


Brenda Sutton Mader 4

Brenda Sutton Mader 3

Brenda Sutton Mader 2

Brenda Sutton Mader 1