“Although my favourite medium is oil on canvas, I also utilize water colours on boards and paper, as well as on ceramics and tiles. I am a resident of Green Valley Ontario and a Published Author and Poet. Working with colours and images from my past, my art exists on several levels and invites the viewer to look beyond the obvious art to explore their own feelings. I have loved art for as long as I can remember and it is my passion, my joy and my freedom. I am at peace when I paint and go into my own little world to create my magic. My mood dictates my art and once I begin and have a solid idea, its hard to stop. I listen to music while I paint which helps me explore my inner self and express it onto the canvas.

I am a long standing member of the Royal Canadian legion in Cornwall and have a deep concern for the social wellness of people in general and the community. I am in “THE GREATEST WOMEN OF THE 21ST CENTURY” book and Chatelaine’s “WHO’S WHO OF CANADIAN WOMEN”. Also, the world wide WHO’S WHO INTERNATIONAL REGISTRY OF EXECUTIVES & PROFESSIONALS FOR 2013­2014 appointed me as a VIP member all of which I am very honoured and blessed to have accomplished. I am looking forward to many more endeavours in the future. In addition, I have donated my gift to others by teaching art and creative thinking to underprivileged children. You will find my works proudly displayed in many of York Region, Ontario businesses, in the town of Cornwall, Ontario and also in many private collections across North America and England.”

Showing at OPG Visitor’s Centre