“In recent years I have discovered that abstract and mix media art is a great mode to express my creativity and convey my feelings to the world around me.  As an artist, I look for inspiration within me and I rely on my intuition to create unique and unedited paintings. Playing with colours, painting in layers, using unusual tools, discovering new techniques is all part of my journey.

Creating from a blank canvas with no definite plan appears to me as a challenge. When I start using my colour palette I have no idea how my painting will end.  I let myself be guided with whatever emerges at the moment and I just enjoy the process of letting go

I really want my art to challenge people to “stop and think “.  My paintings are meant to awaken the viewers imagination therefore the same painting may evoke different meaning, feelings, emotions for different individuals.

I sure hope that the viewers enjoy my artwork with the same pleasure I had while creating these unique pieces of art.”

See her 2016 video here.


Showing at Clo’s Art Studio


Claudette Pilon -Movement – Canvas

Claudette Pilon – The Torndown City – Acrylic on Canvas

Claudette Pilon – Chante la ta chanson – Acrylic on Canvas