“20 years ago, Clifford (Cliff) attended an introductory stained glass course with his wife and was hooked – she wasn’t. Glass has been providing a source of relaxation and satisfying his large creative outlet since that first class, but between a career in the mapping industry and family life his hobby ebbed and flowed for many years. Although he loved stained glass and mosaic art,  he wanted to expand his repertoire and a kiln was added to the mix.  He was very happy fulfilling orders, which arrived primarily by word of mouth.

Retirement came late for Cliff but when it did,  he was prepared  to spend his time creating glass art.  However “life” mandated putting things on hold for a while and his tools were packed away. This year, an unplanned visit to The Priests Mill Studio and Gallery, Alexandria, and with encouragement  from Eric Covington, Alberto Gee, and others, his creative nerve was kick-started and a studio was set up at his home.

Cliff’s work often has a “nature” theme which can be interpretive and often the pieces are one-of-kind, but he also produces simple sun catchers and more intricate wind chimes.”


Showing at Priest’s Mill Arts Centre