“As the artisan for Glass eMotions, I offer fresh, bold designs in glassware that create a dynamic focal point that is both functional and decorative whether displayed in the home or office. With over 25 years working in the corporate IT world as a Senior Project Executive, I have for the past 30 years been searching and exploring various creative mediums merging the technical and the artistic.  5years ago, I found my niche …. I began a working with a new medium – “Glass Fusion” – which has become a passion. In some ways, my whole life was leading up to this point, everything in between was just a prelude to finding myself in art. Each time I start a new project I am fascinated by the versatility of the material and I am inspired. I am presently specializing in creating tartan weaves in glass; as an ancestor of the Clan MacBean  I have always been fascinated by tartans with their alternating bands of coloured (pre-dyed) threads woven into cloth. Traditionally woven in wool and worn as a kilt, here at Waterford on the Rideau, we re-create the traditional tartan patterns in another medium, one as ancient as the tartans themselves: glass. Woven with glass threads, our tartans are as exact replicas of the tartans as glass chemistry allows. We respect the tartan tradition and know that in each tartan, every thread placement counts.  The art of tartan weaves in glass is satisfying, fun, frustrating and sometimes even exquisite. On commissioned pieces, I enjoy working with clients, helping them to realize their vision. Projects that have been completed to name a few are: wall/table art, window/door panels, bird baths, tablesetting, vases.  Each client’s vision is different and sometimes the glass goes where it wants to go and leads you to something new and exciting.”


Showing at Priest’s Mill Arts Centre