“I was born and raised in Montreal, but we spent a great deal of time in the country when I was growing up and I knew as a young adult that the rural landscape was where I felt most at home. I am a self-taught artist, and it was the desire to capture the beauty of my surroundings, particularly of these rural landscapes, that inspired me to paint — so of course I was thrilled when I moved to Glengarry with my husband and two children in 1993. With many creative ideas floating around in my head, I began a business in Glengarry called The Cottage Blue. The Cottage Blue is a home decor store that features many of my own creations; it became a creative outlet for me, and allowed me to explore the inspiration that I found in my surrounds. How lucky am I to have been able to earn a living doing the many things I love?!

Through experimentation, I learned that my favourite media to work with are acrylic paints and oil pastels and, although I am constantly striving to develop my style and technique, my love for different landscapes and the beauty of nature remains constant in my work. Painting is my passion; it allows me to achieve that same sense of serenity for myself that I observe in nature, and it is my goal to share this serenity with others through my art.


Showing at the Cynthia Gatien Studio


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