“I am a multi-discipline artist who works in sculpture, clay, found object assemblage, paint, mixed media, printmaking, lettering, wood, leather, and copper. I like using elemental materials, and found objects that offer little stories, to make art that evokes deep feelings in the viewer. I like using unexpected materials, combining things, and using skills and materials from old trades like hand lettering, gilding, pottery, and copper embossing. I like making rustic, functional pottery. Common themes in my work are: trees and nature, animals (lots of horses), farming, nests, rhythm, juxtaposition, and humour.

I welcome you to my barn studio, where you can check out my work in all its forms and see where it’s made, take in the scenery, and maybe pat a horse or two. I look forward to seeing you.”


EricaTaylor – Resting Horse – Raku Stoneware

EricaTaylor – PonyPot – Stoneware

Erica Taylor – Nightmare – Acrylic and copper leaf

Erica Taylor – Night Fish – Acrylic and silver leaf on panel