“Farm and Forest Food Experience is Cornwall’s only gourmet Food truck/trailer. We are a scratch cooking, homemade local foods team. We buy our beef from O’Brien Farms in Winchester, as well as other meats from Mariposa Farms in Plantagenet; and our cheese is from Fromagerie St. Albert. Everything is made from the freshest and most local ingredients possible. We are proud that we make our own condiments, house smoked bacon, chicken and ham, and our bread is baked fresh daily. We also grow our own herbs, tomatoes and onions which are used in our food preparation. We use the most eco-friendly takeout containers possible and even our food scraps are returned to Mariposa farms to feed their pigs.

A lot of love and attention goes into every food and beverage item, right down to our choice to feature Pop Shoppe. Our location along the St. Lawrence river is fantastic, allowing our customers to enjoy their meals while taking in amazing views or watching a baseball game.

Community involvement is one of our core values. In July we ran SmokeFest, an event featuring our smoked foods, during which we raised $500 for the OSPCA. Bacon Bonanza is our August event designed to feature our house bacon while raising funds to support Hospice Cornwall.  We are thrilled to participate in Apples and Art as a culinary art, where we will create a menu designed to showcase apples from Marlins’ Orchards. A portion of proceeds from this event will be donated to Mental Health and Addiction Services.

We appreciate the incredible support Farm and Forest Food Experience has received from the community and we are pleased to do our part to give back to the community we love and live in.”

Showing at the Farm and Forest Food Experience