“After about five decades of practicing photography as a means of carefully recording the visible with relative high fidelity, I have grown interested in an emerging movement towards using photography as a plastic visual medium to be used to express rather than record.  Combine this with recognition that works of art are more of a reflection of the artist than of the subject matter, and the idea of “Layered Perspectives” became a project.

This exploration is now in its second year, and the concept of layering a variety of photographic perspectives of a common subject in a singular frame is slowly moving towards simply treating and scaffolding unusual photographs of familiar visual elements into an arrangement until the resulting frame itself becomes the subject.  It’s less about what’s “in” the picture and more about the physical framed print itself and the reaction it provokes in the viewer.

In this 2019 edition of Apples and Arts visitors to our studio will be presented with a selection of large format photographic prints on canvas highlighting this exploration as well as a short multimedia presentation illustrating the concepts, creative process as well as some of the work done over the past two years.”

Francois Desjardins – Selfie on Middle Lake – photography

Francois Desjardins – Imagine – photography

Francois Desjardins – Curacao – photography

Francois Desjardins – Alexandria – photography