“I became a mosaic artist by way of quilting.  I’ve always loved colour and pattern, and the process of cutting or breaking-up an item and re-combining it in a new and different pattern applies to both of these methods of creative expression.

I’ve been working in mosaics since 2008.  Once I realized how much I loved the art of mosaics I joined the Society for American Mosaic Artists, SAMA.  It has offered me the opportunity to meet other artists, and learn from some of the best mosaicists in the world.

It took me fifteen years to really understand advice from another artist, “don’t make what you think will sell, make what your creative soul demands.”  So in the spring of 2017 I decided to create what I wanted to make, with no input from friends or fellow-artists.  I figured if it wasn’t well received by people that was fine, I would enjoy it myself until the right audience came along.

Thus I began the series Galactic Flowers.  I’m twenty pieces into the series and far from finished.  The pieces have a richly coloured and detailed background with unusual flower shapes in the foreground.  The most satisfying piece in the series, Galactic Millefiori, is much larger than the rest and that’s the direction I’m heading.”

See her video here.

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