“Bernie and Helen Carrière have been photographers for 40 years.  From Black & White artistic photography, to having a portrait/wedding business for 12 years, Bernie and Helen have been specializing in nature/wildlife photography for the last 15 years.  Bernie gives private lessons at home and has taught advanced professional photography at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall and Helen gives private lessons on the computer-side of photography.  They have won numerous prizes and been published in photo magazines, including a recent “COVER” for the American “Photoshop Elements Techniques” magazines.

In his courses Bernie emphasizes the distinction between documentary “snapshots” and “creating” an artistic photographic image.  Bernie quotes the great Ansel Adams who talked about pre-visualization as essential to the creative photographic art.  The end result is everything and for Bernie and Helen the means are irrelevant.  Bernie lives by the advice Ansel Adams gave to all photographers at the end of his life, which is “f8 and be there”.”

Showing at Cailuan Gallery


Bernard Carriere – Selena.2

Bernard Carriere – Prelude to twilight

Bernard Carriere – Cardinal Casanova

Bernard Carriere – A Dream of Flying