“I am drawn to multilayered surfaces that invite the viewer’s eyes to wander and to catch glimpses of the many stages a work has gone through. I am also fascinated by the crossover between language and image making, and by the use of words and word-like shapes and forms – the creation almost of a secret language that needs to be deciphered.  I find great joy in the combination of materials and the constant dialogue between painting and drawing. I like looking at (and creating) works that can be “read” as much as seen – in that they invite the viewer to contemplate what is going on underneath the surface and to identify the contrasts, tensions, transitions, colors, and particular marks that create the overall mood of the piece. ”


Helen Karanika_Untitled 2_Collage on St.Armand paper

Helen Karanika_Untitled 1_Collage on St-Armand paper

Helen Karanika_Pebbles 2_Mixed Media on canvas

Helen Karanika_Pebbles 1_Mixed Media on canvas