“Ina Schneider is a Canadian painter, living in Cornwall Ontario, who uses vibrant colour palettes to create moods. In her Fractured group of paintings, she uses geometric and curvilinear forms mixed with colour to create images that harken to a past where the world was described in shapes and patterns. She explores colour and texture in her series of Hidden Glass images where she created a style using a mixture of mediums that lets the viewer look for hidden images in a fun childlike framework.

As a landscape painter Ina mixes colour, light, and shadows to set the mood.  Her palette is innovative and complex allowing her create paintings that are bright and cheerful, or haunting and surreal.

Ina explores complex themes in her abstract paintings using a mixture of humanity and technology, nature and city vistas. The images exist together, often superimposed upon the other, to create a statement of complex thought through transparent effects.

Ina brings her style and her unique viewpoint to each painting. Indeed, Ina has developed her own visual vocabulary. Viewing her dynamic and exuberant works of art is an exciting and fun experience. With empathy she invites us to view the world as a magical, fluid and beautiful place.”


Showing at the Cornwall Public Library

schneider sunrise or sunset

schneider messengers

schneider butterflys

schneider 3 sisters