“Every species on earth, plant, animal, or insect … every habitat on earth, wetland, water, grassy field, forest, natural vegetated edges along waterways, have an important gift to give, the totality of all life on earth. Care of each and every species and element, equals care of our families today, and all future generations to come. Using my creativity is my path to mirror and sing the vital role these sacred spaces and life forms play in the circle of life. This is done with paint, paper, canvas, graphite, markers, branches, beads, prose, and photography. Expect to find paintings, photographs, mixed media work, and functional and upcycled projects where art meets functions, and where an item destined for the land fill is reclaimed and resuscitated for use in the home.

I love sketching the human face in my FUN lyrical style and will have my tools at the ready to create one just for you or your loved one if you desire. My studio is family friendly and I look forward to welcoming Apples & Art visitors.”