“Over the past two decades, my work has transitioned from attempting to reproduce the visible to expressing an idea, and from using the paintbrush to spreading acrylic paint on canvas with palette knives.  Colours and shaped now dominate the frames, although some may still trace their inspiration back to some distant reality.

This year, endeavours started from a continuation of the tree series but the eye soon moved towards where sky meets earth. The resulting works were inspired by the northern lights, but with a geometric twist to the landscape. Then, in a more social-political perspective, the female viewer moved into the frame. The following series places women in the utopic world of a gender free working environment. Women in professions and trades that are still male dominated.

Painting remains an emotional diary, either buried in, or emerging from a cluster of colours, bold strokes and textures. I welcome my visitors and encourage them to seek the joy and delight I get from creating images.”


Jeanne BougieDesjardins – Northern lights3 – acrylic on canvas

Jeanne BougieDesjardins – Northern lights2 – acrylic on canvas

Jeanne BougieDesjardins – Northern lights1 – acrylic on canvas

Jeanne BougieDesjardins – Girl 1 – acrylic on canvas