“In 1966 I had the pleasure of working with the late, great Canadian Abstract artist David Bolduc. David introduced me to the world of art and acrylic paint. Since that time I have been painting and drawing on and off for the last 50 years. Early works were generally surrealistic  in nature , influenced by artists such as Salvadore Dali and Alex Coleville. Recent works tend towards a more traditional realist style. Frequently still life or wild life oriented.  Works are always precise with highly defined edges and usually focus on a single object with minimalistic backgrounds. Medium of choice is acrylic paint on canvas or canvas board.

In addition to paintings I also create constructions or wall sculptors as I call them from recycled computer parts, found objects, pieces of wood and wire. Two of which earned awards at the last TAG juried exhibition and the recent Focus Art show at Cornwall Square.

I am currently a member of the Focus Art Association and on its Board of Directors.”

Showing at 125 Pitt Studio