“Kim started her artistic journey in the world of Opera but soon decided that the rigors of her schedule was taking too much time away from family.  While continuing to perform closer to home Kim opened a music school and dedicated her spare time to honing her lifelong interest in heritage skills.  Now, fourteen years later, Kim spends her summers working at Upper Canada Village and her winters teaching music; designing haute couture retro-fashions; reproducing toys, house wares and notions from historic patterns; and teaching a variety of domestic skills workshops to adults and children alike.  A visit to the Calico Dress will give you the opportunity to try out a hand crank or treadle sewing machine, ribbon ruching, sock knitting or for the very adventurous… shuttle tatting.  If none of that suits you, why not try the concertina or perhaps join in on a verse of your favourite Scottish Tune?”


Showing at Priest’s Mill Arts Centre