“Linda has always appreciated fine arts. She could spend hours in an art gallery marveling at the masterpieces. Finally, she decided to pick up a brush and try to imitate the masters, just for the fun of it.

Realizing she needs to learn the basics, she began to take art classes.  Linda learned to work with pencil, charcoal and oil. After moving to Cornwall, Ontario, she started painting at the McCormick Art Studio. Later, she began exploring other medium such as water colour, acrylic, Chinese ink, chalk pastel, batik and mixed media.

Today, Linda continues to approach art with the sense of play, curiosity and insatiable appetite to learn new way of creating. She also likes to turn her art into ‘gift-able’ items. Come check them out at 125 Pitt Studio.”

Linda Geisel – Zen 01 – Acrylic on canvas

Linda Geisel – Homestead – Oil on canvas

Linda Geisel – Chipmunk – graphite on paper

Linda Geisel – Birch – Mixed media on art board