“Life to me is creating, whether it be painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing, crafting or gardening.  I have been painting since I was a young child and consider myself to be primarily a self-taught artist.  I was introduced to the commercial art world by my high school art teacher. As a working mother of five sons I spent many years in commercial art, designing and painting what others asked me to do.  I painted murals as well as advertising and seasonal paintings.

Now that I am retired I have the privilege to explore and to learn different techniques and mediums and to paint for the sheer joy of it. I prefer to work in watercolour and pencil.

I love to paint the beautiful innocence and preciousness of a newborn baby. Also to capture the joy, the excitement and the wonder of a child and to bring favourite Bible scriptures to life through my painting or drawing.”

Showing at 125 Pitt Studios

Linda Lou Phillips-Pink Iris-Water Colour on Paper

Linda Lou Phillips-On-Eagles Wings- Water Colour on Paper

phillips did someone say WALKIE

phillips baby in Jesus hand