“My artistic career began in Montreal working as a makeup artist in the film business until I retired in 2010. What began as a love of painting faces and bodies with makeup, evolved to working in two very different mediums depicting beautiful and memorable people on fabric and canvas. The Batik work I do embodies a very colourful and decorative style while depicting the human subject with a degree of realism that remains challenging to do with dye and fabric. My recent work in Oils includes painting larger format nudes in a realistic style.  My work seeks to capture an intimate look at the subject in her/his private moments. I love nature and I also paint landscapes in slightly abstract realistic style that depict soothing environments that I would like to be in.”


Louise Mignault -The River’s Strength – Oil on canvas

Louise Mignault -Afternoon Pause – Oil on canvas

mignault Omo Bros raw

mignault Version 2