“Lynne Ayers currently works in the mediums of art photography and acrylic.  Her creative spirit feeds on haunting landscapes, moody skies and the sea. The primary goal of her landscapes is atmosphere. Ayers strives to paint the air like the Impressionist masters and is inspired by Claude Monet and his extraordinary ability to create atmosphere on canvas.  She likes texture and movement, and in her landscapes Ayers tries to retain an illusion to the rough edge and natural chaos of nature.

Recently Ayers has acted on a long-standing desire to step into the world of abstract and has found it exciting, challenging, and fun.  In spring 2019 Ayers displayed 20 recent abstracts in a solo exhibition titled: Emotion—An Abstract and Personal Look.”


Lynne Ayers-Tuscan Sun-Art Photography

Lynne Ayers-The Path to Lehon-Acrylic

Lynne Ayers-Bamboo Orange-Art Photography

Lynne Ayers- Confusion-Acrylic