“My goal is to create elegant and beautiful pottery which people will enjoy using every day.  I like painting designs on the pots and I am inspired by the work of the Italian majolica artists.  I try to communicate my joy in living by painting bright and colourful designs which include fruit, flowers, geometric patterns and cartoon characters.

I am drawn to making pottery by the never-ending challenge of always creating different pots, and so the task never becomes routine or boring.  I strive always to improve my skills in throwing clay on the wheel and in creating free-flowing painted designs.  My work is a continual experiment to make thinner and lighter pots, to throw larger pots, to create different shapes, and to experiment with new designs in decoration.

I draw inspiration from many different sources: from various cultures, historical and traditional forms, contemporary designs, and modern interior decorating styles.  I prefer to create simple classic forms in clay which act as a canvas to show off the painted designs, and I search always to find a decorative style that matches perfectly with the style of the pot.”


Showing at the Margaret Brown Studio