“A watercolourist at heart, I’ve been gradually working more in acrylics, while retaining the appearance of fluidity in my paintings.   I also find myself progressing to an abstract style when painting landscapes.

My inspiration comes from observing the beauty of nature; flowers are one of my favorite subjects, which I paint mostly with radiant colour in a contemporary style. I also love to paint children, seeking to portray their innocence and vitality.  As I strive to depict the beauty that surrounds us, my hope is that my work will be uplifting and bring joy to others.

I have exhibited extensively and have been a signature member of the Ottawa Watercolour Society since 2004.”


Showing at Cline House Gallery / OBO Studios


Margot Boucher – Sunset Splendour – Acrylic on Canvas.jpg

Margot Boucher – Nature’s Serenity – Acrylic on Canvas.jpg

Margot Boucher – Les Belles du Jardin – Acrylic on Canvas.jpg

Margot Boucher – Japanese Peony – Acrylic on Canvas.jpg