“When you feel yourself surrounded by beauty in the simplest of things, the question becomes not ‘what to paint’, but ‘what not to paint’.”

Miriam Mas is a Canadian self-tough artist born in Barcelona. She began painting in her late twenties after she moved to Ontario, Canada. Using the medium of oil on canvas, she looses herself into each piece she produces. Her subjects vary from still life, to nature scenes and day to day scenes. She is drawn to bring light into her paintings. Canadian winter scenes and their fabulous colors are among the most inspiring scenes to her. Through her paintings she communicates the beauty that is often around us and not necessary taking the time to stop and pay attention to.

When visitors come to my site/booth, they can expect to see fine art paintings of photo-realism full of light and color.

“Chromatic voices are magical expressions of the feelings of the soul.” __ Pere Vaz”


Showing at OPG (Ontario Power Generation) Visitors Centre