“Cornerstone Farm is set in historic Glengarry county and is home to a small flock of Shetland sheep. The fleece from the sheep is used along with other fibres to create unique felted hats and accessories that are inspired by the natural surroundings of the farm. A field of wild flowers, a vine growing along a trellis, the sheep grazing in the field or a bramble of wild berries, all of these serve as inspiration for our creations.

Felting is a very old form of artistic expression and has been around for centuries not only in the form of creative warm garments, but also as works of art interpreting the artist’s expression of how he sees the world around him.

Visitors to the studio can expect to see demonstrations of the felting process as well as meeting our flock of sheep as they pasture in the fields. The farm also produces fruit and berries that are made into jams and preserves and can be sampled with fresh baking upon your visit.”


Showing at The Millinery At Cornerstone Farm


Mitch Corriveau-Various hatsl-Felted wool and mohair

Mitch Corriveau-Morning Glories-Felted wool

Mitch Corriveau-Calla Lilies-felted wool

Mitch Corriveau-White Rose-Felted wool

Mitch Corriveau-Poppies-Felted Wool

Mitch Corriveau-Natural-Felted wool and mohair