“I paint primarily in oils and watercolor. My subjects are familiar city sites, area landscapes and treasures that I’ve brought back from my trips across Canada. I also enjoy capturing the likeness of people or the activities that occupy them. My style ranges from realism to impressionism and the choice is influenced by my mood and the subject matter.

I love painting subjects that tell a story or awaken a memory or a reflection. These paintings, when successful, open the way to wonderful conversations and for me it’s all about communication.

Mes oeuvres reflètent mon intérêt dans l’histoire de la région, le paysage et les personnes. Je peins à l’huile et à l’aquarelle dans un style qui chevauche le realism et l’impressionism. Bien que je suis captivée par la peinture, je suis emballée par l’échange que les oeuvres peuvent suciter.”

Rose Desnoyers,- The Landing – Oil on gallery canvas

Rose Desnoyers,- Before the Storm – Oil on canvas

Rose Desnoyers – The Port Theatre – Oil on canvas

Rose Desnoyers – Stop on Walton Street – Oil on canvas