“Growing up on a farm in Eastern Ontario surrounded by gardeners and nature enthusiasts, I quickly developed an appreciation for the plants, animals and landscapes around me. I share this beauty of the natural world using the lesser known medium of coloured pencil. This medium provides a vibrancy of colour while allowing me to capture minute details of my subjects. Although it can often be a difficult and time consuming medium, placing layer upon layer builds a rich and vibrant finished picture. I love studying light and values and how it interacts with my subjects and I feel that this has become the hallmark of my style as well as achieving a photo-realism quality. Using contrast and vivid colours I seek to produce the most realistic picture possible.

Everyone will take away something different from my art, but it is my hope that each viewer will experience some of the joy and pleasure that I felt during the creative process. I am absolutely honored by those who wish to include my pictures in their art collections.”

Showing at Priest’s Mill Arts Centre