“People say, ¨I did not know that you were an artist¨ and to that I always say ¨I did not think so either¨

When I was young, my version of art was stickman with stick or square clothing.  Although I always admired people that were obvious artist, I never thought myself to be part of that ¨group¨.

One day, I was asked to accompany my sister-in-law to some tole painting classes.  What I discovered there is that I could create with guidance and a plan.  I never pursued this technic further.  Years later I was in a gift shop, I came across a stained glass window and knew then and there that I needed to explore this more.  Within two weeks I was registered for a workshop and learned the technics.  Once again, I surprised myself with what I created.  Over the next years, I dedicated some time working with stained glass until a friend asked me to join her as she attend an oil painting class.  As I had an inner desire to venture out to oil painting, I jump on the chance.  And so began a deeper journey and unveiling of my artistic abilities.

I continually shock myself as I allow this long denied but always present part of me come to life.

What I know to be true, ¨Even if you do not think you’re an artist, you are.¨ we simply need to trust and let go of what we think we know about ourselves and be open to possibilities.”