“Sylvie is a proud Alexandrian.  Her home and studio, located on the outskirts of town, provide nature and tranquility, all she needs to reflect deeply on her surroundings.

Sylvie graduated in 1997 from Espace Verre, Le Centre des Métiers du Verre du Québec, a 3-year program, followed by 2 years assisting well-established international artists who taught her, enabled her to push her limits and pursue her experimentation with her new found love, metal.

When my gaze comes across an old metal object, something happens in the way my creative mind perceives every detail of it.  A dire desire to transform the object and give it a new life along with a whole new purpose is what makes me going.  Bringing a delicate and aerial feel to heavy rusted tools and objects is a challenge I love.  My plasma cutter enables me to take inspiration and turn it into reality.  Seeing beauty in these forgotten elements of yesterday’s life is a gift I wish to share with everyone willing to stop a moment and gaze into their whole new reality.


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