“Sylvie was born in the city of Saguenay, Québec. She holds Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and a certificate in Science of Education. She presented her works in Saguenay, Oklahoma State and throughout Eastern Ontario. Recently, November 2017 a solo show ’’Quiet Forcefulness’’ at AOE Gallery in Ottawa. She lives now in Glen Walter, Ontario.

My work is inspired by the mountain which, despite the passage of time, the seasons that follow each other, like a quiet force, remains the same. It encourages us to resilience and to exceed ourselves. With the help of my pencils I show their silhouette deeply rooted in the wood reaching for the sky.

The link with nature is also influencing the support choice, wood panel. With colour pencil’s layers, the landscape is revealed from the wood, using its natural texture, and softly fading back exposing even more the support. Strong lines from the mountains are stretching toward the colourful skies, making them endless.

The drawings propose a peaceful space, which only seeks to take root in you.”