“Tagwi (pronounced TUG-WUH) Secondary School is a regional Grade 7-12 Secondary School serving a rural-based population in the central area of the tri-counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. The student population is approximately 630.

Throughout its history, Tagwi has always strived to promote a safe family atmosphere. This is accomplished through a commitment to our code of conduct, grounded in encouraging students to be courteous, respectful, punctual and generous of spirit. While the school continuously promotes academic excellence, it also provides many opportunities for achievement in the Arts, Athletics, and through innovative Technology programs.

Tagwi Secondary School:

Together, Learning.”

Loup Bellem, a European exchange student attending Tagwi, will be demonstrating his talents live during the tour. His work is featured on this page.


Showing at Tagwi Secondary School


Loup Bellem 4

Loup Bellem 3

Loup Bellem 2

Loup Bellem 1