“Tracy Lynn is a local artist originally from Timmins Ontario. She settled in Cornwall area with her active little family nine years ago. Today she is the proud owner of a gallery and art supply store. Cailuan Gallery is a professional gallery with artist studio and classrooms for workshops. She also carries products at competitive prices. The gallery will feature her work as well as her curator Sandra Taylor-Hedges’ creations.  She will also showcase works of other local artists.  Cailuan Gallery is located at 225 Pitt Street, Cornwall.

Tracy works in various media, her work is very diverse yet has a distinct style that resonates through her pieces. Her passion ranges from painting, sculpture, collage to jewelry making. Tracy is currently a member of Focus Art, Fine Art America and The Collective Four. She also serves on the Board of Your Arts Council in Cornwall and area.

Her work can be seen in Oshawa, Toronto, Morrisburg, Ingleside and Cornwall.”

See her video here.


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