“While I was agricultural reporter for the Glengarry News for many years, I am best remembered as the lady who introduced and did the “Barn of the Week” feature.  It was during this time of prowling the backroads of Glengarry in search of these gems that I fell head over heels in love with the County.

I find beauty around every corner in Glengarry. I am also a passionate agricultural advocate who firmly believes that a country that cannot feed itself is destined to lose its’ sovereignty. While I understand the need for farms to get larger in order to survive, I also grieve the loss of the smaller mixed farm with woodlots, fields, and wooden barns. It is my hope to record each and every surviving barn in Glengarry, as well as record their history.

While the foundation of my photography is rural life and landscape, I am a prolific photographer working across a multitude of genres. I display my work on everything from wood, canvas, and acrylic to the standard mounted photos.

This is my first show and I would never have done it except for the encouragement of husband, family and friends who believe in my work.”




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