“Each morning I wake with a feeling of excitement and anticipation …. I can’t wait to get to work in the studio.  How wonderful to feel such pleasure in one’s work. This past year I’ve delved deeper into the painting of flowers, exploring the colours, the shapes, the lines …. looking at them in ways that I haven’t before …. with my eyes slightly unfocused, as if I were looking at a Magic Eye drawing. The results are varied …. some bordering on the abstract, others with just the feeling of flowers but not sure what kind. I hope the viewer can appreciate this departure from traditional floral paintings. They are fun to do and full of joy and a certain playfulness.


Cynthia Gatien-Wish Fulfillment-Acrylic on Canvas

Cynthia Gatien-Sometimes in Spring-Acrylic on Canvas

Cynthia Gatien-Poppy Love-Acrylic on Canvas

Cynthia Gatien-Perfect Union-Acrylic on Canvas