Bärbel Smith

Acrylic on Canvas

"Bärbel is a Canadian by heart and German born. Her fondest memories were growing up along the shores of Lake Huron and in the woods of Muskoka. Here she spent numerous hours with her sketch book and paints capturing the fascinating Canadian landscape. Later she lived in western Canada and received her training through self–study and attending Alberta University of the Arts.

Since then, she has traveled from coast to coast capturing the colours, light, and joy in her depiction of the Canadian landscape; focusing on the emotive use of colour and line – erasing extraneous details and infusing her paintings with a spiritual vision. Numerous layers of glazing give her paintings a glow - as if lit from within. She is a juried signature member of two national art organizations, is represented by several galleries and currently resides in a country home surrounded by forest where she paints full time."