Brett Desrosiers

Drama, Macrame, Textiles

"A little about myself.... I am a mother of 3 wonderfully creative children have been teaching Theatre, Visual Arts, and Macramé for many years now. The creative arts has always been my love and passion, especially since my Mother was an amazing visual artist and educator. Over the years, I have been an advocate and working in the disabilities community (I have been severely hearing impaired since infancy.)
I teach workshops locally both privately (groups, non-profits, and local schools) and I have been running workshops for people to join in on. In September, 2024, I will be heading back to work on my Masters in Theatre Arts at the University of Ottawa. I will be focusing on disabilities theatre for my ground work.
As a textile artist, this is my Sixth time presenting during Apples and Arts Studio tour and I have had a showing in the Conservatory at Cline House Gallery, here in Cornwall. If you are looking for a unique piece, feel free to contact me."