Candice Nixon


"Melting Pot Studio is the result of my passion to create. I’m a graphic designer who fell in love with glass. My muse is the simple beauty I see in nature and everyday life. Glass enables me to capture the essence of this ever changing face. I create unique glass artwork combined with repurposed items like antique windows, bottles and century old barn board. I’m inspired when an object with a utilitarian purpose finds new life as a work of art. I currently work in both G-O-G (glass-on-glass) and FUSING techniques. G-O-G is a technique of layering glass on a clear background and using an epoxy to secure it. This creates the illusion of glass floating within a frame. GLASS FUSING is the process of using a kiln to join together pieces of glass. This takes place at temperatures between 1100°F and 1700°F (600°C to 925°C)."