Claudette Pilon

Acrylic, Mixed Media

"I use abstract imagery and mixed media to create art that conveys my feelings to the world around me. As an artist, I look for inspiration within myself; mining my memories thoughts, and emotions and utilizing my intuition to create unique and stimulating paintings. Playing with colors, painting in layers, using unusual tools, and discovering new techniques that capture impressions of my inner life are all part of my journey.

Creating from a blank canvas with no definite plans is a challenge I relish. I begin most of my paintings by laying down colors that interest me emotionally. At this point, I have no idea how my painting will end. I let myself be guided with whatever emerges at the moment and I enjoy the process of letting go.

My paintings awaken the viewer’s imagination with hints of half-remembered objects, shadows of spaces once occupied, and colors describing fleeting emotions.

I sure hope that you, the viewer, enjoy my art with the same pleasure I had while creating them."