Eliska Smiley

Glass Art, Metal Sculpture, Oil

"Eliska Smiley's art practice has been central to her life's path. She is a multidisciplinary artist who works with hot glass, mixed media, bronze, sculpture, painting, and recently temporary installations in nature. Her studio is a sanctuary for discovery and exploration. It is here she manipulates elements and the mind creating balance and connections relevant to life and art. Transforming the seemingly mundane into artifacts drawn from her personal life experiences, that speak of life's fragility.

Her career has taken her to many countries for study and work. But in 2015, she sensed a changing international landscape and felt compelled to move back to the province of her birth. She had been situated outside New York City for ten years, immersed in art and American culture. This transition has allowed her painting and art a renewed focus, with few distractions, balancing gig work, gallery, and studio commitment."