François Desjardins


"For the world to recover and adapt to a new reality, we all need to listen, consider different points of view and look for balance. With this perspective, I currently use the medium of digital photography as a sequence of deliberate actions to harmonise a variety of perspectives. I use the frame as a space to collect objects, then use colour, light and the possibility to rearrange them to foster a visual exploration by the viewer.

The resulting image is almost intended as a game: what elements can you see or recognize? Why are they together? Questions are far more interesting and productive than opinions. The story told does not attempt to make traditional sense. The idea of a photographic print being a single moment in time, captured and frozen, is being abandoned to present the possibility of multiple points of view and of many, or no subject in particular. The key is that these many view points in time and space can all be arranged to coexist in some new harmony. My recent works are intended to simply allow the viewer to explore this idea of a new balance and as an invitation to ask questions."