Gaetan Saucier

Pen / Ink, Watercolour

"I'm a graduate from the Creative and Visual Arts program at Saint Lawrence College. My education prepared me for a career as a Graphic Artist from which I'm now retired. it's now time for me to devote my talent and energy to my first love, painting and drawing. My recent work consists of select images rendered in pen & ink and water colour. These images are mostly based on vintage or actual scenes from SD&G Counties. My work incorporates things and places that catch my eye. They can be as simple as a wagon wheel up against a fence or a fallen tree in the dead of winter stripped of its foliage or a dilapidated building with a story to tell. These things and places have been a part of our landscape for a long time but are slowly disappearing or changing. My goal is to capture their rustic beauty and showcase them in my drawings. I'm very passionate about the work I create and hope that the public will have an appreciation for my work and be exposed to the beauty that exists all around them."