Ina Schneider

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil

"I have been painting, sketching, drawing or creating art for a long as I can remember. In between long hours at work I took courses and studied everything the Library had to offer. Through this process I refined the skills I needed and combined them with my love of all things artist to create paintings and objects. I work in many different mediums, from carving, sewing, beading, and crocheting as well as in paint to satisfy my need to create.

Through my paintings I explore the use of colour and tone, light and dark to express my mood. I enjoy exploring how different mixtures of media can be used to express the complex relationship between humans and the environment
My paintings have been sold in Kevin Dodd’s gallery in Ottawa, as well at showings in Calgary Alberta, Cornwall Ont, Ottawa Ont, and in Gatineau Quebec.

In A Given Moment started in Alberta selling my art, crafts and crystals at markets and festivals around Calgary. It has recently been re-opened here in Cornwall."