Jeanne Bougie-Desjardins

Acrylic on Canvas

"Since my retirement in the year 2000 I picked up my pallet knives and started painting. Being in Ottawa, it was easy to meet and exchange ideas with other artists. With my husband, nearing retirement, we decided to build in Glengarry where I grew up. Being able to open my studio with the help of Apples and Arts, motivated me to create and produce much more. I anticipate the September weekend with energy and delight. "Over the past seven years I have presented different themes for this show. My walls displayed “Primary Colours”, “ Beyond Purple Haze”, “Aurora”, “Light Pillars” “Linear Intricacies” and “On middle lake”. This year I am adding “Flora & Fauna” a light & whimsical theme.
A visit of my studio will offer a glimpse into my constant search for new ways to express my visions and maybe show a certain link and evolution from my past works. This therefore is an invitation to visitors of our studio to discover the links, similarities and my constant struggle to push the envelope."