Jeanne Bougie-Desjardins

Acrylic on Canvas

"Painting is a passion, an appetite that comes alive on canvas from within the deepest thoughts and observation of the artist. It might be a reconstruction of what she sees or a complete construction of how she feels.

I make no attempt to reproduce the obvious, but rather, provide a visual experience defined by a family of forms, colours and textures with my pallet knives. Shapes of all kinds can be found in nature, architecture, and still life. These shapes appear on canvas with filled and unfilled spaces as well as lines plastered in multiple layers of paint. Sometimes, themes lead to a deeper exploration, resulting in several canvases sharing repeated elements.

Such was the case of my 2019 A&A exhibition of the Aurora series, Purple Haze and Primary Colors. During the isolation of 2020, I developed a second iteration of the Aurora theme. In 2021 I added on to my city scapes, which gradually evolved into a new series. The added level of abstraction in my scapes has permitted me to be liberated from subject matter, giving the observer the opportunity to explore and interpret freely."