John Lounsberry


"John F Lounsberry Art biography Born in Trenton Ontario Canada

Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology
Fiber optics networks: Ryerson Toronto
Post graduate studies in Art at Columbus Centre in Toronto, Ontario

Traveled throughout Europe. Studying the original master’s works in these galleries.

Did many pen and ink illustrations of historical buildings in Glengarry
I have always appreciated the Art of the masters.
During Covid shut down time I returned back to painting.

The home confinement gave me time to paint many of the great master’s art.
In 2020 I joined FOCUS Art the Cornwall area.
Developed my own style “Celestial Art”.This style has become noticed by the public at Art shows shown at the Cornwall Square.

I have won Peoples Choice for best art twice in a row.
2023 fall show and 2024 spring show.
I have sold a number of this style of art."