Margaret Brown

Clay, Pottery

"I enjoy making colourful hand-painted bowls and mugs. I’m inspired by the decorations on Italian Majolica and Moorcroft pottery and I paint flowers, birds and animals on my pots. At other times I might paint free-flowing primitive or geometric designs. My goal always is to make something bright and cheerful that will complement our living spaces.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with impressing designs into clay while it is still soft, and also in creating special glaze effects by layering several different glazes together.

In addition, I make artistic pottery with larger simpler forms and coil-built pieces. Every summer my pottery friends and I do raku and smoked barrel firings in the garden to produce contemporary pieces.

Since I like experimenting with various shapes and processes, all my pots are different and it’s this never-ending challenge to master techniques and styles that keeps me excited about creating and sharing my ideas in pottery with others."