Margaret Brown


"I like making colourful hand-painted pots. My painted designs of flowers and fruit are inspired by Italian Majolica and English Moorcroft pottery. Sometimes I paint cartoon characters and geometric patterns. I make functional pots for every-day use: bowls, plates, serving dishes and mugs.

Each of my pots is unique because I am always experimenting with different shapes, designs and techniques. It’s the never-ending journey of discovery in pottery that I enjoy the most.
The designs are painted on the pots under a transparent glaze. The stoneware clays are fired to a high temperature which makes the designs permanent and the pots durable and dishwasher safe.

Most of my pots have smooth classic forms which act as a canvas for the painted designs, but occasionally I experiment with textured surfaces, contemporary design, and minimalist art. I also share with friends outdoor raku kiln firings and smoked barrel firings. My most recent work is garden planters and water fountains."